Pitch perfect

Don’t be fooled by the title, even if you are making a podcast just for the fun of it you need to think of your pitch.

So what the hell is a pitch?

Put simply a pitch is how you are going to attract listeners to your podcast.

1. So what? There are 999,999,999 podcasts in the world, I have no doubt that your podcast has possible been done before, maybe not in English. the so what question is the biggest thing most podcasts forget, you may have a great title , an amazing story and a brilliant setting but…

Why will people listen to your to your podcast. Every episode needs a so what. It all starts here. 

2. Name

Yes you need a name but don’t get too cute. Tell me what you podcast is about, sure it needs to grip me but if I have to spend a while trying to work out what your podcast is about i have probably moved on.