Podshape is an Australian Based podcasting and Audio solution company that services a broad range of clients from all over the world. It was established in 2005 during the birth of the podcasting community.


Our Why

Podshape was born our love of audio and storytelling. We believe we can shape the world through compelling stories.

We have spent over 25 years in the audio media business helping talent connect with the audience and helping brands build loyal long-lasting relationships with their clients.

The team at Podshape our "shapers" have a series of beliefs that we live by day-to-day.

Our Podshapers..

  • Love the hustle.
  • Believe in life balance.
  • Love to try new stuff that scares them.
  • Live to give, we ‘Wow’ the audience and our customers.
  • Are humble but hungry.
  • Speak the truth with compassion and understanding.
  • We believe everything is written in pencil.
  • Have a desire to make the world a better place, bit by bit.
  • Love podcasting and shaping memorable stories.

Does this sound like you? Why not contact us today to find out what we can accomplish together?


We say team but we mean family. We come from a varied background but we all have one Podshape belief in common "we are here to make your podcast dreams come true". Have a read below and feel free to email any of us if you have a specific question or use the general enquiry button below. We look forward to hearing from you 😊



Founder / Head Shaper

Jay has spent over 25 years in Audio working with talent and audiences to develop content that connects.

In radio he developed and mentored numerous shows and talent across Australia and the UK and has always thrived in high pressure environments.

Jay is driven by creative and making a connection with those he works with. First and foremost is about the audience.

Innovation is Jay's core and it's what gives him a kick. " I don't want to do what everyone else is doing, I'd prefer to create something new, that way it doesn’t have to be better it just has to be different.


In a nutshell: I love and live to create moment that connects.

Likes: Time with family, a nice red wine and having a laugh.

Dislikes: Negative people, nail polish and not deciding.

Ninja talent: Coordination and management.

Favourite Podshape Belief and why:

"Everything is written in pencil".

I love this because to me it means nothing is ever set in stone. Everything is supposed to change, we are born to adapt.


Katie Mattin

Co founder and creator

Katie’s programming experience has expanded over 19 years as a radio presenter both in the UK and Australia.

She presented both solo and co-hosted shows for hit music stations where her skills as a presenter and editor grew.

Katie has a great ear for good content and style and understands the audience and the importance of relatability


In a nutshell: Great content and storytelling is the key.

Likes: Good food, massage & family holidays.

Dislikes: Whinging, long emails and bananas.

Ninja talent: A great headstand!

Favourite Podshape Belief and why:

"We ‘Wow’ the audience and our customer".

I’m a perfectionist when it comes to the finished podcast, if there’s something not right however small I’m not happy until it’s corrected.

new headshot copy

Whitney Quayle

Account Manager

As Podshape's account manager, I'm responsible for working closely with our customers and connecting with new brands who want to align with great storytelling. Having worked in media for over 8 years I have experience in digital, print and audio - but love working in podcasting the most (it's where the best stories are told!). I hustle to get things done and I love to find creative solutions.


In a nutshell: I find authentic ways to weave our client's brand messaging into the fabric of our podcasts.

Likes: Being in the ocean, my cats, a wine with mates, bushwalking.

Dislikes: Bad coffee, loud concerts and lizards.

Ninja talent: Sending emails at the speed of light.

Favourite Podshape Belief and why:

"Wow, the Audience & Our Customers". 

Who doesn't love feeling like you've dazzled your audience? I take pride in my work and want to deliver over and above expectations. If I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it well!

cam 2

Camille Cannings

Account Manager

Storytelling is incredibly powerful and it’s what drew me into the Podshape family. As an account manager, I work closely with our clients to tell their story. Watching brands grow, be creative and play in the podcasting space excites me”

Camille has an extensive background & experience in the media industry managing radio advertising campaigns and high profile client accounts, Camille has also worked as an executive producer for both metro and regional breakfast radio shows, as well as podcast producing and post-production.


In a nutshell: I am here to help spread your brand message in a creative and authentic way through the powerful and growing medium of podcasting.

Likes: Weekend adventures, live music & anything active and outdoors

Dislikes: Loud chewers & people who film and entire music gig on their phone.

Ninja talent: Juggling 6 million things at once and finding a silver lining in any situation.

Favourite Podshape Belief and why:

"Wow the Audience & Our Customers".

There is no better feeling than a client who has had a brilliant campaign. I like to think of myself as an extension of the brands marketing team so if I can yell about your brand on the rooftops, I will.




With more than 17 years’ industry experience, Adam is a versatile designer who has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, including Unilever, NRMA, American Express and the Queensland Government. If you think he’s out of your league, don’t worry — he’ll happily work with businesses of all shapes, sizes and budgets. If you have an idea, Adam has a design solution.

Adam’s day job is branding, general design, website design and user-interface Designer, which is code for making magic happen for his clients. We love that he draws on his know-how as a business development manager in a past life to provide insightful advice on all things design and marketing. Adam’s versatility and knowledge make him a crucial and integral cog in our team wheel.


In a nutshell: Adam goes the extra kilometre to produce beautifully designed digital artwork.

Likes: Hanging out in nature with his family, burgers and beer, travelling, painting and listening to podcasts while working away.

Dislikes: Tech issues, clutter and Crocs (as in those things they call shoes).

Ninja talent: International man of mystery. Adam hasn’t advertised his services in almost a decade. Work comes to him through recommendations and referrals — a testament to his professionalism. We’re so lucky we found him.

Favourite Podshape Belief and why:

"Live to give".

I'm not satisfied until you're not over the moon with what I produce. My job is to make you look good so your audience increases allowing you to effectively tell your story to a larger audience.

This isn't just a job to me, this is my passion!