I’ve started a podcast can I quit my day job?


NO! Ok that’s the shortest blog post I have ever written.

As I have written about in other blogs , making cash from 1 podcast is tough.

Podcast momentum with advertisers is really growing in Australia, there are stats flying around everywhere about how much the industry is worth and who’s t biggest and who’s making the most.

The easiest way to check if a podcast is making cash is to listen. If you hear the host reading an ad for a brand them there’s a good chance they are seeing some revenue, if you listen to you favourite 10 podcasts and don’t hear a host read ad then they probably eating 2 minute noodles for dinner.


So what’s a good download number to start monitsing your Podcast. This is a really tricky question as I believe in two streams of thought .


Thought 1 - Your Podcast might have 5000 downloads a month but you are in such a niche subject and your followers love the content and there might be a perfect brand that fits and they love podcasting and what it can offer. if your read that sentence again you’ll see , there needs to be 4 things that can all work together for you to successfully monetise your podcast.


  • niche content
  • passionate followers
  • perfect brand fit
  • a brand that believes in podcasting



It’s not impossible we have a few podcasts that have smaller numbers but have been sponsored for a year and continually deliver for the clients they work with.


the other stream of thinking is just about the numbers. In real terms if your podcast had 5000 downloads per month and found a sponsorship. Here’s a guesstimate of what you earn.


5000 downloads per month means around 10,000 impressions that you could serve.


Most clients  (most not all) Buy on CPM ( cost per thousand ) and the standard in Australia for a host read can be anywhere from $25 CPM to $90 Cpm (unusually high)

So based on 10,000 impression on a Cpm of $25 you could earn ... wait for it $250 dollars per month gross before any revenue splits or costs.


So it stands to reason that the bigger the numbers the better your opportunity to quite your day job.


It’s has to be about growing your audience and if you want help with that get in touch with us hello@podshape.com


Here’s a nifty tool for working out what you could make from your podcast