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Creating amazing stories that connect with an audience is a skill that is hard to master. We believe that we can shape the world to be a better / smaller place with these amazing stories.


Our team can work with you on not just your idea but how to bring that idea to life.


We start with understanding your idea and helping you develop your pitch as Seth Godin wrote “If you can’t state your position in eight words, you don’t have a position.” 


For us, your position is your unique story, its everything from the artwork you use to the story you tell and how and who you tell it with.


We have over 25 years’ experience in media and audio storytelling working with some of the best talent in Australia and across the globe.


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How to start a podcast

It’s the 64 million dollar question but the easy answer is just to start. The first thing you need is an idea, but here’s a few things to think about once you think you’ve nailed your idea. Answer yes to all these questions and your on your way. Are you familiar with your topic and…

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Podcast Trolls

Troll’s exist in the podcast world, some are just nasty people who love hiding behind fake name on apple and give you 1 star and a bad review. Some are other podcasters who want to see your podcast not beat them on the charts.   It’s a sad state of affairs but on Apple Podcasts,…

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Subscribe vs Follow

Apple podcasts have just announced that they will be changing the terminology on their platform from subscribe to follow. This is an amazing idea and will really help with discovery for all podcasters.   Spotify and other platforms already call it a follow but in Australia, Apple Podcasts is still the biggest platform for podcast…

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Anyone can make a podcast… most shouldn’t!

There are almost 1 million podcasts in the world, around 3% of those podcasts have a massive audience and are phenomenally well produced. That leaves 97% of podcasts to take up the rest of those spaces.   In real numbers that’s 30,000 podcasts doing very well and almost 970,000 that aren’t game-changers.   So ……

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I’ve started a podcast can I quit my day job?

NO! Ok that’s the shortest blog post I have ever written. As I have written about in other blogs , making cash from 1 podcast is tough. Podcast momentum with advertisers is really growing in Australia, there are stats flying around everywhere about how much the industry is worth and who’s t biggest and who’s…

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