Who Killed bob?


Why was mild-mannered, middle-aged Sue Neill-Fraser convicted of murdering her partner Bob Chappell on their yacht in January 2009?.


It was a circumstantial case – no body, no witnesses, no weapon and no confession. Sue has always maintained her innocence and is now in her 13th year of a 23 year sentence in a Tasmanian prison. Psychologist and film producer Eve Ash jumped in at the deep end and has meticulously dissected this case for 12 years in a search for the truth. When Eve was joined by former homicide task force detective Colin McLaren the twists and turns became frightening. For everyone who believes in justice, this podcast will be a shocking eye-opener about a case destined to be Australia’s worst wrongful conviction.


Pitch perfect

Don’t be fooled by the title, even if you are making a podcast just for the fun of it you need to think of your pitch.

So what the hell is a pitch?

Put simply a pitch is how you are going to attract listeners to your podcast.

1. So what? There are 999,999,999 podcasts in the world, I have no doubt that your podcast has possible been done before, maybe not in English. the so what question is the biggest thing most podcasts forget, you may have a great title , an amazing story and a brilliant setting but…

Why will people listen to your to your podcast. Every episode needs a so what. It all starts here. 

2. Name

Yes you need a name but don’t get too cute. Tell me what you podcast is about, sure it needs to grip me but if I have to spend a while trying to work out what your podcast is about i have probably moved on.