Podcast Trolls


Troll’s exist in the podcast world, some are just nasty people who love hiding behind fake name on apple and give you 1 star and a bad review.

Some are other podcasters who want to see your podcast not beat them on the charts.


It’s a sad state of affairs but on Apple Podcasts, you don’t have to use your real name when writing a review, most people have honest intentions and all podcasts love valuable feedback, good or bad. Some people are not that!


I think its time for apple to make a change to the way people offer feedback on their platform, this might not stop trolls but it might just make someone think twice before they write something nasty.


Nobody who has done the work to release a podcast and hopes and audience finds it deserves to get trolled because someone doesn’t like their voice or hates the music or worse still just hates it full stop.


Let’s put a stop to podcast trolls

Subscribe vs Follow


Apple podcasts have just announced that they will be changing the terminology on their platform from subscribe to follow.

This is an amazing idea and will really help with discovery for all podcasters.


Spotify and other platforms already call it a follow but in Australia, Apple Podcasts is still the biggest platform for podcast listening and this change is very exciting. ( clearly, it doesn’t take much to get me excited)

Why is it so important?

My view is the word subscribe means you have to pay, so hitting that subscribe button on a podcast player like apple could for those that are new to podcasting be turn off as opposed to an opportunity to convert a new listener or fan.

There are lots of studies on the penetration of podcasting in Australia and the best guesses run between 25-35% of the population have listened to a podcast in the last month. That means there are at worst 65% of the population that have not yet listened to a podcast, which is a massive opportunity for growth.

Imagine a new podcast listener, they head to apple to listen to a podcast and they see a big subscribe button and they think ....hmm I don’t want to have to pay or worse still what happens if they steal my info. using the word follow just implies I’m interested in your content and I want to hear more.