The Sydney Siege


December 15, 2014. A gunman took 18 hostages in the heart of Sydney.


17 hours later, the terrorist would be shot dead, 2 innocent hostages would be killed and Australia’s iconic city would be stained forever.


Louisa Hope and her Mum walked into the cafe that morning and left just after 2 am the next day, wheeled out on ambulance beds after being shot in the crossfire.


This is Louisa's story of the moment that changed Australia forever - The Sydney Siege





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From 1996 when Man Monis arrived in Australia there were 'red flags' everywhere.

He was being watched by police, had numerous charges against him, he was wanted in his country of birth and from the moment he stepped into Australia it was clear that we should have seen the signs.

In this first episode hear the shocking detail and meet Louisa Hope who is a survivor, a terrorist hostage survivor.

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Who Killed bob?


Why was mild-mannered, middle-aged Sue Neill-Fraser convicted of murdering her partner Bob Chappell on their yacht in January 2009?.


It was a circumstantial case – no body, no witnesses, no weapon and no confession. Sue has always maintained her innocence and is now in her 13th year of a 23 year sentence in a Tasmanian prison. Psychologist and film producer Eve Ash jumped in at the deep end and has meticulously dissected this case for 12 years in a search for the truth. When Eve was joined by former homicide task force detective Colin McLaren the twists and turns became frightening. For everyone who believes in justice, this podcast will be a shocking eye-opener about a case destined to be Australia’s worst wrongful conviction.


What happens after


When the cameras go off and the publicity stops what happens to a relationship that is formed on a reality TV show.

Join Bryce and Melissa who met in September on a reality TV show and now are living together. It's a warts and all look at the development relationship – the highs, the lows and the absolute ordinary. Along the way, they will talk to guests who have met the same way successfully some others …not so much.


Handpicked with Naomi Simson


Handpicked with Naomi Simson is a short podcast delivered each Monday which is just like having a mentoring session with one of Australia's most successful entrepreneurs.

In this podcast, Naomi takes questions from business owners that might need help growing starting or saving their business.

Each guest is handpicked by Naomi as she shares stories, ideas and advice that might help them and anyone that has ever wanted to start a business.

Naomi Simson is an entrepreneur who founded RedBalloon in 2001. She has been blogging for a decade at, is a professional speaker, author of Live What You Love & Ready To Soar, and a “Shark” on a business reality show Shark Tank Australia.

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Claiming Your Confidenc‪e‬

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Join journalist Katrina Blowers each week on one of Australia's top personal development podcasts for inspiring, honest and hilarious conversations on what it takes to live your most confident life.

From Layne Beachley, Merrick Watts, Jessica Rowe, Edwina Bartholemew, authors, athletes, CEO's, musicians and artists... they all peel back the curtain and share their biggest confidence challenges and how they overcame them, showing that confidence isn't something you're born with but something you choose every day.

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Missing Or Murdered


In December 2005 Katie O’Shea disappeared from a small town in Queensland Australia.


Katie left behind 5 kids and her daughter Lily wants to know is her mum Missing or Murdered?


Hosted by,
Jay Walkerden


Live At The Podosseum

Join Lindsay for this fun, interactive and engaging live podcast as he and the audience dissect the world around us in real time – news, events, current affairs, conspiracy theories & whacky human traits are all up for discussion – think Q&A, only this time the audience is the panel of experts!

Join Lindsay for this fun, interactive and engaging live podcast...


as he and the audience dissect the world around us in real time – news, events, current affairs, conspiracy theories & whacky human traits are all up for discussion – think Q&A, only this time the audience is the panel of experts!


Hosted by,
Lindsay Webb


We Are Human

We are Human

This new weekly podcast with NRL larrikin Sam Thaiday delves into mental health in our elite sport stars.


Long after the last siren sounds and the last autograph is signed how do these athletes transition into everyday life.


In the first 4 episodes, Sam tells his story. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows from growing up in a mixed-race family, to his own struggles with low self-worth and the end of his NRL days.

Hosted by,
Sam Thaida‪y‬