Anyone can make a podcast… most shouldn’t!


There are almost 1 million podcasts in the world, around 3% of those podcasts have a massive audience and are phenomenally well produced.

That leaves 97% of podcasts to take up the rest of those spaces.


In real numbers that’s 30,000 podcasts doing very well and almost 970,000 that aren’t game-changers.


So … why is that? What makes a great podcast? How do you become one of the 3% in the world that have amazing numbers and have great production.


Well let’s start with the title of this blog, what I mean by “anyone can make a podcast, most shouldn’t”


Let’s compare it to riding the Tour de France. Most of us know how to ride a bike, we could probably head out on a Sunday ride with family and friends, some of us might take it more seriously, maybe we are part of a club that goes on long rides on the weekend and stops by a coffee shop. We are good bike riders, We have a bike and we can ride … so I guess we should ride the Tour de France!


You see where I’m getting at, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.


And if you are planning on releasing a podcast here’s a couple of things to think about.


On the Tour de France most of the riders train for years, they have studied the course, practised their tactics and have a team around then that might help them finish. That’s not to say they’ll win but they might just finish.


Look at your podcast. Do you have a plan? How well have you researched your idea? What’s does your team look like, can they produce, edit, strategize, who will listen, why will they listen?


Just because you’ve got the equipment doesn’t mean you should have a podcast.


Of course, if you’ve thought about all of the things like a Tour de France rider, then hit record and release it into the wild. If not maybe just listen to some of the 3% that make great podcasts.


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If you’re looking for advice on the Tour De France … we cant help.